Intersaison 2013: Extraits de la conférence du 18 avril

Outre Eli Manning, d’autres joueurs ont eu l’occasion de s’exprimer. Pour plus de simplicité j’ai regroupé ici les extraits les plus intéressants.

Will Beatty explique que l’objectif de la saison est d’être la première équipe a participé au Super Bowl ayant lieu dans son propre stade:

« We came here, first day, they told us straight up: ‘No team has ever hosted the Super Bowl and played in it. That’s your goal.’ That was it. That is our main goal, that is our purpose. We just didn’t want (the Super Bowl) here, we wanted to host it and play in it.

We still have the core group of guys that can get us there; we have that. That was like our Monday tip. You’re coming in, you’re working out (and) you’re not just … working out just to be here. You’re in there because you’re hosting the Super Bowl, and you want to be in it. »

Corey Webster déclare que réduire son salaire ne fut pas une décision difficile:

« Taking myself out, whatever it needs to be for the team. I want to be a Giant, so took care of everything we needed to to make that happen. Didn’t even think about it. »

Webster a également parlé du Tyrann Mathieu, le CB de LSU se présentant à la draft qui a eu beaucuop de déboires en dehors du terrain. Étant lui même de LSU, Webster serait prêt à prendre Mathieu sous son aile:

« If I’m here, I can have him right underneath my wing, so I can make sure that it’s going the right way, » Webster said at Giants headquarters today. « But just from speaking (with) him and seeing and talking with the people that’s around him right now, yes. »

Webster pense que le jeune DB a changé:

« I do. I think he understands that he’s had a couple of opportunities, a couple of chances. I think he knows that it’s not going to continue to be that way, and since talking to him — I think the last time I spoke to him was at the Pro Day — I feel like he’s made a change, a sincere change, to correct those mistakes that he’s made in life, so he’s ready to move forward. »

Nicks dit se sentir bien:

« My body is feeling good. I’m looking at the bigger picture right now. My goal is to be full go by training camp. So this time that I have now I’m using to get myself back in football shape and football conditioning because it’s been a while. »

Chris Snee a parlé de Cullen Jenkins et Mike Patterson comme étant d’excellentes signatures mais trouve qu’il y a un revers de la médaille de ces signatures:

« Now I have no one really to talk to. I like to have casual conversations during the games. Some of those young guys in Philadelphia might not want to talk to me. »

Aaron Ross est très content d’être de retour:

« I missed the guys, I missed the coaches, I missed the organization and it seems like everybody else missed me just as well so it seems like a mutual thing. It brings a smile to my face when I came in knowing that it wasn’t just me that was missing the Giants. It was vice-versa. »

Notre nouveau TE Brandon Myers dit être venu à Big Blue pour gagner:

« I came here to win some football games and to make the playoffs. I’ve never been in the playoffs. That excites me to be around guys who expect to win and fans that expect to win. It’s definitely different. It’s a different situation. They [the Raiders] haven’t won in a while and I think once you don’t win in a while you kind of lose that mentality. »

Myers ajoute que le succès des Giants pour développer les TE récemment a beaucoup influencé sa décision de venir à New York:

« They [the Giants] have been very successful with that position the last few years and having an established quarterback and an organization that expects to win and that wins a lot of ball games. That was definitely a major point in coming. »


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